"Brighter" strings than Aquilas?

Cole Clarks come with Tusq nuts and saddles as standard. Some say that bone is brighter but then again I didn't notice that much difference when I changed to bone.


A bit of a thread dredge here but my CC Jack Tenor had seemed to improve quite a bit in tone over several month of daily play. I'd settled on Southcoast mediums in Low G with the two polished wound basses as my string of choice, the wound basses do a great job of driving the (relatively) heavy soundboard, for a rich, full tone but still a bit on the quiet side unplugged. I wanted to see if I could get a bit more spark out of it so took it to a local luthier and had a full setup done and a bone saddle and nut to replace the original TUSQ. I have to say I wasn't expecting a huge difference but the change is big - heaps brighter, clearer note separation (unplugged and plugged), unplugged it has more projection and bags of sustain, especially when picked. I was thinking of moving this uke on before the boning but reckon will be hanging on to it for a good while yet. Good result.
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