Broken peg


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Nov 18, 2019
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Sydney Australia
Apologies for the lack of correct terms.

I changed the strings on my uke tonight and the part of the tuning peg that you hold came off. So the peg is still firmly attached to the headstock, with just the metal rod? sticking up, the oval shaped part is no longer attached.

Is there a way to fix this myself? I am a little broke from paying for accommodation at a ukulele festival coming up next weekend (I regret nothing :)) and would rather not pay for a repair right now.
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turn the shaft with a vice grip maybe until you can afford a replacement set of tuners?
Could you post a picture of the knob and the shaft it fits on to? The repair might be a simple a super gluing it back on
Kkimura you are a legend. I figured i would try it because a dot of superglue wouldn't be hard to remove if it didn't work. It works perfectly. I literally used a dot right on the top of the shaft and the button is staying on beautifully. Thank you all for the ideas