UU Podcast Building Confidence through Little Oopsies | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #110

Pirate Ships, Thumb Picks & Building Confidence​

What does Pirate Ships, Sister Act and Building Confidence have in common? Answer: This Week’s Ukulele Underground Podcast. The guys start off the Podcast by playing their Song Submissions for the Songwriting Challenge, and making plans to get their own Pirate Ship. A member ask Aldrine if there are specific Thumb Picks for Ukulele, and if he has recommendations? The team discuss how you can Build Your Confidence even if you make little “Oopsies” or play a wrong note? The podcast is topped off with what pickups does Aldrine use, and where can you get the best Acai bowl?

Reminder: No Aloha Friday Jam this Week

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Questions asked this Week:
0:28 Air Horn & Sister Act
3:50 Songwriting Challenge #36
5:50 Challenge Prizes
10:30 Aldrine’s Song
14:40 We need a Pirate Ship
16:45 Kahai’s Songs
21:15 Aaron’s Song
27:50 Send Song Submissions to Questions@ukuleleunderground.com
30:00 Fighting for Father’s Love
32:25 Are there Thumb Picks for Ukulele?
36:25 Shaping Thumb Picks
39:00 How do you build Confidence?
43:05 Separating Yourself from Your Performance
45:25 Keep Playing
50:40 Playing the “Wrong” notes
54:45 Little Oopsies
58:30 Overconfidence
1:01:25 Playing without Sheet Music
1:02:30 Enjoy it
1:04:20 Do you play the Easier Songs First?
1:06:00 What is your Favorite Acai bowl?
1:07:55 What Pickup do you use?
1:11:45 Active vs Passive
1:13:45 Matrix Natural 1
1:17:00 Help us get a Pirate Ship
1:20:30 No Aloha Friday Jam This Week

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I've always had a bit if a thumb pick aversion, but I never thought of cutting and shaping one to my liking. I used the Uke Minutes tip mentioned on today's podcast to drastically shorten the length and then reshape the one on the left to be almost like a thumbnail. I wish I took a before "pic" 😉. Nyuk nyuk. Now I get a phatty warm tone with smooth action and better control. Thanks, UU!! I'm gonna work on that right one now!

Also, hope I never lose this sucker!!!
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