Buzz in open string pluck and koa bridge pins????


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Oct 21, 2008
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g'day all, first i hope everyone had a great christmas, festavis and new year... I've been off for a while due to the new update not allowing me to come back on so sorry if these wishes are a little late... now to the business of things

My baby, kanile'a, dammm, i went to pick her up out of the case the other day, done my usual picking of each string to hear that its in tune, and when i plucked the E string.... burrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv, buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, just buzzed, and vibrated my whole ukulele, done it a few more times, i paniced, and smashed it to pieces on the concrete,:eek: nah i did panic, but i quickly put it back in its case and foward an email off to gaby the kind lady i bought it off, she said this happens sometimes with the aquilla strings, so i took this as an oportunity, took my strings off and ordered some worth clear strings from MGM, MGM if ur reading this WHERES MY STRINGS I PAID FOR THEM TODAY THEY SHOULD BE HERE IN AUS ALREADY :rolleyes: haha, jks, so has anyone else come across this sort of thing themselves??? if its more of a problem and this dont work, it looks like i might have to send it back to kanilea but i would rather try the strings first as it would mean a good 6-12 weeks+ without a uke, and i could not handle something like that

2nd.. btw if your still reading, thanks, WHERE CAN I BUY SOME KOA BRIDGE PINS FOR MY UKE???? anyone have a link where i can buy some and be able to pay with paypal, the black ones on the kanilea are ok, a little cheap looking koa ones will set it off great...

thanks in advance to those who reply or read cheers
I bought some koa bridge pins for my Kanilea at Stewart Mac's website. I think they might only have snakewood now, but a lot of other Kanile'a owners have purchased those and said they looked great on their ukes.

Opt for the slotted and maybe you won't have to shave yours down like I had to in order to get them to seat into the bridge tightly.

As to the buzzing, I never had it happen with my Kanilea, but my Kamaka was doing that for a while, and it turned out (after I tried a million attempts at fixing it) that the washer under the geared tuner was spinning a little loose. I tightened it up and it has never buzzed since. Something to consider...