Can anyone confirm this carbon fiber Uke is made by the same company that makes Enya Nova U’s?


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Oct 15, 2023
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I was looking for a more traditional looking ukulele that has all the benefits of a plastic/carbon fiber ukulele like my Enya Nova U Mini. I stumbled upon this ukulele from Dayone on Amazon.
I watched video online stating that the company that makes this Dayone ukulele is the same one that makes the Enya. Can anyone else confirm this?
I attached side by side pictures of an Enya Nova U Mini for comparison as well.


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Youtuber Rich Davis did a quasi review on this uke.
How much does it weigh compared to the Enya? Some of the other knockoffs are much heavier and less fun to play.
Visually, the bodies are different. The depth, lower bout width and bridges are different. The nuts are different. As is the headstock.

I can't tell by the photos if the fretboards are radiused or flat. The Enya tenor Nova U has a radiused fretboard, nut and bridge.

The tooling for the molds have to be completely new for the Dayone uke. Enya may be trialing a new design for the Nova U line. Or, Dayone is a new company making a knockoff version and using the same company to mold and assemble their uke as the one Enya uses. It's much cheaper to have new molds made to use in the same machines than to setup a whole plant with the machinery, processes and operators to produce the a similar, but different instrument. They could be a subcontractor that has a lot of experience producing plastic/carbon fiber product made to the customer's design and specs.

In fact, the molds could be made by one supplier and Enya and Dayone have their own machines to inject and cure the parts and do the fassembly and finishing themselves.

It's impossible to tell from the exterior if they are made by the same company. Unless, say the country of origin is different on the labels. I doubt any mold markings will be visible on either of the exteriors of the instruments.
Not sure it pre-dates the enyas but that dayone model is several years old
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