Can you sing two notes at once?


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Jul 24, 2020
I used to work on this quite a bit... I took a class that introduced this to me and then worked on it own my own for a while...

We would drone Om - Mani - Padme - Hum over and over from the chest and then try to "throat" sing the harmonic series over the top of that.

One thing I found useful was using a passive radiator to amplify the overtones... I use a frame drum, I think it called a tar, about 20' in diameter and 4" deep... but I've used a cheap lightweight bohran as well. I hold it about 4" from my mouth as I sing. That has the effect of bringing up the volume of the overtones and also reflecting them back at you so you can hear yourself better. This really helps me "tune up" up and favor the over-tones over the drone tone. With practice, I can lower the volume of the drone but keep the overtones loud and bright.

I'm not going to attempt it today... I'm a victim of the "triple-demic", and I've had a flu, RSV, and now covid... all in the last 6 weeks. I'm not very happy about it, feeling like garbage, and my singing voice sounds like I'm trying to imitate Tom Waits... badly... I'll spare you all a sound sample.

Did anyone already mention The Harmonic Choir? Positively otherworldly...



Apr 23, 2022
I heard the Tuvan band Yat Kha when I was 20, and for a couple of years I'd wander around quietly singing overtones to myself. I don't think I was ever good enough to go up on stage and do it! Their lead singer, Albert Kuvezin, does a style where he sings in octaves with himself, but another band member did the more familiar style that has whistling overtones above a drone.