Song Help Request Cancion del Mariachi (with video!)


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Jan 4, 2010
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I absolutely love this song from Desperado, and an enterprising uker has made a great version of it! Unfortunately, I can't figure out how he plays it, but it doesn't look that complicated. Could someone help me? Thanks!
Thanks! I'm more curious about the fingerpicking he does at the beginng (which really gives the song its flavor). I hope and pray that some musical god like our Seeso could help us out in tabbing it....
The intro riff he plays is attached.

I use these chords

Verse: Em B

Chorus: Am Em B Em

This is such a fun song to play i hope this helps!


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Having tried out your tabs, I can't really figure out how it matches the video - it seems ike he's playing up a few frets higher on the neck? Could you please maybe post a video or a sound clip as to how that's supposed to sound? Thanks!
Sorry for the late reply but i just noticed the vid, i thought it was just a clip of antonio banderas doing his thing haha
the difference between my riff and his riff is that his is higher and harder to play in time with the actual song. his chords are also different.

heres a vid with me playing the little riff and the chords so you can see what it sounds like and which version you like most. [video][/video]
Thanks for the tabs!! I'm having trouble figuring out the strum pattern for the rest of the song... can you help me out?
not much help on the questions, but just wanted to point out that he changed the lyrics and says "me gusta tocar ukulele" instead of "me gusta tocar la guitarra"

sorry I couldn't help more...
I know this is quite an old post but I love this song and am looking for some help. I don't know how to read the tabs that were uploaded. So far I have been learning from watching videos to get my strum patterns, and chords appearing on the screen at the change. I think it is time to step my game up and I am hoping someone would give me some information on how to read them.
Forgive me if I'm being dumb, but I can't seem to download the tabs. Can someone please reupload them to the thread. Thanks!
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