Case Closed - Well, Case Finished

After making the little travel uke, it seemed so sad sitting around homeless, so I made a case for it. We got that fabric about twenty years ago in Hawaii. I just happened to find it upstairs.

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That's a beautiful case. I have a musician friend who plays guitar, uke, sax and flute. She plays them all very well. She's also very artistic. Maybe 56-57 and very exotic looking, she's half Columbian, indigenous, I think. She kind of dresses like an old flower child. She began designing and making very nice, artsy gig bags. A few years back we were at a Jake show. She was standing in front of me in the meet and greet line. She gets up to Jake and hands him her business card for her gig bags!!! Jerry, you should market these.
Good lookin' case. Eye catching interior. Very well done.
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