Case recommendations for vintage Martin tenor?


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Feb 3, 2024
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I've just taken possession of a super clean 1950s Martin tenor from Antiquitone Vintage Guitars ( It came with the original chipboard case, also in near-mint condition -- a nice bonus, but obviously not a suitable choice for travel. I don't require anything of Calton-level quality, just a well made, snug-fitting case, preferably with arched top. I don't have a particular preference for wood, fibreglass or ABS, as long as it's a case designed for smaller-body ukes based on the Martin template (lower bout 9", waist 5-1/2", upper bout 6-1/2", body length 12", body depth 3"). There are a number of cases for sale online that fit those specifications, but most have at least a few negative reviews citing everything from defective hardware to poor alignment to a strong chemical odor. Thanks for any recommendations you can provide for or against particular brands.
What about the koaloha ABS? Only available at the factory website tho
Thanks for the suggestion! I'll look into it.
Thanks. I have an archtop Kala tenor case designed for bigger-bodied tenors. Well made and robust, but rather clunky. Good to know they make something with a snugger fit.
Thanks for the recommendations. I have another Oahu case that'ssturdy and nicely made. I've ordered an Ohana twill case from a dealer in Vancouver, which I can return if the fit isn't satisfactory. Life would be easier if online sellers listed the interior dimensions of all their cases!
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