Castles In The Air DADGAD Tuning


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Sep 1, 2017
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Nakhonratchasima, Thailand
I am looking for a music score - Castles In The Air in DADGAD Tuning. Does any one have a copy to share?

Does anyone know of a book of Celtic Tunes all written for DADGAD?

Yes, I know that I am asking for the near impossible, however, if one never ask they will never know.

Thank you, johnnysmash
Thank you. I got it copied now. I think someone in my family or even myself in the past have logged into this site. When I entered my e-mail to join, they said "already taken". So I got a new password. Then when I try to open I get their opening page to the site that everyone gets like this is the first time I ever came to their site. I get no further, just go around and around in circles.

For information - I am still looking for a book/books of Celtic music, tabs or standard, with full arrangements, in DADGAD. I noticed some on Amazon and another place. But first I would like to hear from someone who has seen or purchased the book. It is expensive to buy on line plus shipping cost plus waiting for product to arrive. I have waited as long as two months in past. Of course I am always open to a free downloadable score/s - LOL

Hey, it is time to practice -have a great day everyone.
Hi, Johnny!

This page might help your celtic guitar. Go to DADGAD Tutorial (see the figure below).

YAHALIELE - I learned the D scale from John Sherman site. I like that scale. Since I can pick out tunes that I know a lot better on a C scale, I dropped the D scale 2 half tones. So now I am tuned CGCFGC. When I want DADGAD I can just capo on 2nd fret. I got a big surprise doing this. My strings have a lot more sustain and are much mellower. Easy to play in other keys using the same fingering, just move the capo. From C low to C high I have a full three octaves. Maybe I can find out some other things about it tonight, like some chords and arpeggios.
Looking through some of my music books I came across a book, "Celtic Guitar Encyclopedia" Fingerstyle Guitar Edition by Glenn Weiser. On page 18 I found "Castles in the Air", key of G. I need to search my books better when I am looking for a song. I am going to try it on mostly the 3rd string, G string, in DADGAD.
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