Cedar And Rosewood Recommendations

.... The Romero plays perfectly and with the wider spacing between strings, it is great for finger picking and as well as chording. Each string is articulate in themselves with a solid. sustain from the wound G-string. When I play, it does not have the percussive ukulele tone that a spruce may have but full and rich. I had commented that it feels like an orchestra is in my hands. the tone is Rich. ...
This is how I feel about my (at the lower-priced end) solid top Cedar/Macassar Ebony Ohana CK-50ME. There is a TK-50ME.

You may want to look at their solid top and sides Oregon Redwood/Rosewood TK-42. Call Mim.
(I would love to have this in concert... they do make them; CK-42. Drool :)...
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Turns out there are way more options than I though especially once other side/back wood choices are considered. I appreciate that certain wood combos along with build will be better suited to different scales. Just means I have more research to do.
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