Choosing my very first (Brüko) Ukulele: Maple vs. Mahogany, and Other Options


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Apr 18, 2024
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Hello everyone,

I'm currently deciding on my very first ukulele. I'm learnings towards a Brüko ukulele and could use your insights! I was initially set on a tenor, but it seems Brüko's tenors aren't true tenors, so I'm opting for a soprano, which I find quite appealing.

My dilemma is choosing between the maple S001 and the mahogany S006. Additionally, I'm considering whether to get a flat back or an arched back model. The options available to me right now through my local retailer in the Netherlands are the S001, S001FW (flat with arched back), S006, and S006F (flat). I could also order directly from Brüko with a 25 euros shipping fee and have the other options available.

Another variable in my decision is whether a longneck version would be beneficial. The main purpose for this ukulele will be to play lullabies for my soon-to-be-born daughter. But I also want to learn songs by Taimane though I will probably buy a tenor for that.

Given these considerations, could you share your experiences or advice on:
  • The sound quality differences between maple and mahogany in soprano ukuleles.
  • Preferences between flat and arched back designs.
  • Any opinions on whether a longneck soprano might offer an advantage in terms of playability or sound.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,
It sounds like what you might want is a concert. I have a walnut concert Bruko that sounds lovely.
A "longneck soprano" is really a small-body concert ukulele and in some ways it sounds more like a concert ukulele than a soprano. The longer fretboard means you have to stretch more to play some chords and chord progressions, but chords above the 7th fret are a little easier to play.
I don't think Brüko ukuleles are available in my region (I am not familiar with that brand) but I would recommend going into your local retailer if you are able, so you can find out in person how those different models feel and sound. Hopefully they have the instruments out where you can try them! Even if you don't know how to play anything yet, you can look up a couple of the basic chord shapes and try strumming the ukuleles. Usually the size in between a soprano and tenor is called a "concert," and as Man0a said above, the "longneck soprano" will be more similar to a concert ukulele. A longneck soprano sounds nicer to me than a smaller soprano, as it would give more room to move around and probably would give you access to more notes. My ukulele is a tenor, but I think a well-made concert ukulele would be equally satisfying to play! Good luck!
Why Brüko tenors aren't true tenors???
The body size is same as concert and the scale is about 16.5" - a bit shorter than normal tenor. Actually, I think that might be a good option here.
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