Chord Shape Names

Just for fun:

There are also minor shapes. The "C" minor Dog shape is: 5333, the "A" minor Cat shape is: 5453. And the "F" minor Bear shape is: 5543.

Maybe the diminished chord (1212) is the Dragon shape, and the augmented chord (3221) is the Snake shape. And that covers the Triads. I realize the the fully diminished chord isn't really a triad, but... Dragon chord sounds really cool for that one.

:biglaugh: I'm chuckling to hard to regret starting this thread.
Actually, some early mandolin tabs used letters that designated chord shapes rather than the tonal value of the chords. So the A-chord was a shape that could be moved up and down the neck, and had nothing to do with the note (which were designated ut-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si anyway, so no confusion there).

My son always used to call a certain ukulele chord the 'V-chord'. Easy to see why.
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