UU Podcast Chord Substitutions With or Without Theory | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #117

Chord Replacements, Defying Music Theory, Just Press​

If you find a song “Boring”, use Chord Substitutions to spice them up. Kahai Challenges Aldrine to demonstrate a couple of ways you can change a song by “Replacing” one or two chords. Aldrine starts by adding notes to the base chord to make new Substitutions. On the next Level, Aldrine shows how you can use Relative Chords as Substitutions, and how you can combine both techniques to make a song your own. The guys also discuss how knowing some Music Theory is a good shortcut to find new Substitutions, but if you want to jump in, it can be as easy as Adding or Subtracting fingers from a Chord. The team shares some of their favorite examples of Musicians who didn’t know Music Theory, but still made great Music. Viewers ask about Baritones as Starter Ukes, and what Amp Settings should be used for Ukuleles before the guys open a gift box from UU Member, Rux.

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Questions asked this Week:
0:47 Mother’s Day and Bread Baking
6:15 Chord Substitutions or Chord Replacements
9:10 Waiting in Vain
10:20 Level 1: Additive Substitutions
13:20 Why the Major 7 is tricky on Uke
15:30 Using the Major Scale to Extend Chords
18:35 Additive Substitutions for Am
20:25 Level 2: Relative Substitutions
23:00 Finding Relative Chords
24:55 Combining Both Levels
26:05 As Simple as Adding Fingers
31:50 Defying Music Theory
36:10 Trial and Error
37:55 Music Theory of The Beatles
39:45 Aldrine Adds a Finger
43:55 The Best Musicians don’t always know Theory
47:50 Baritone or Tenor
50:05 Why Baritone and Tenor are different
54:20 Amp Settings for Ukulele
1:00:10 Specific Song Request
1:01:50 Opening Robb’s Box
1:08:55 Spam Left us on Read
1:12:05 ukuleleunderground.com

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