Christmas Eve Family Concert


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Oct 19, 2022
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Redondo Beach, CA
Our two most local granddaughters ages five and seven visited Grandma and Gramps yesterday (Christmas Eve) morning while their mom and dad were running errands. Picking up on the general ukulele fever here, they decided to have a first lesson with Gramps. Our Hawaiian Ukulele Company soprano and Donner concert that hadn't seen much love lately were immediately put into action. The girls were strumming a C chord in no time, and older sister, who had learned Jingle Bells on the piano, decided that would be the song to work up. I suggested that we learn a couple other one finger chords (C7 and Fadd9), but the seven year old band leader decided that C covered enough of the song, and the general excitement was too great to pause and learn new chords. There was some discord during rehearsals over why big sister got to count out the start and direct the big finish, but that was eventually smoothed out. Grandma and Gramps added some F, G7, and the occasional C7 chords here and there over the continuing C drone from the girls. The strumming and singing voices were strong and both performers and audience (Mom and Dad) were well pleased with the performance and encore at lunch time.

Last night at the Christmas Eve party the plan was for Grandma and Gramps to lead some Christmas songs on ukulele while others played rhythm: bells, tambourine, shakers, etc. The command performance was Jingle Bells with seven year old granddaughter on piano and the five year old on ukulele. This time for the encore, Grandma switched to piano so both girls could play ukulele.
And that, folks, is why we have ukuleles in the first place: music and joy created together.

Well done, for seizing the opportunity and running with it in such a beautiful manner.
I was only the enabler. The seven year old was definitely running the show from the first rehearsal to the final encore.
Kids and ukuleles, there's nothing like it!
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