Chunky Neck

Welcome to UU, Rocky!

Hopefully all these great replies aren't too overwhelming. Any chance you can try out some ukes in person and feel what you like?
Pono’s satin neck is a pleasure to slide on. Also, the Master Grade tenors have great projection. TUS is THE ukulele store. Spot on setups. Great phone presence, they will answer questions and discuss anything ukulele related. I think many people adapt to neck thicknes/thinless by simply playing the instrument For a while.
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Pono has been slandered this way for a long time. I agree that this is an individual preference. I own ukuleles with wider and narrower, thicker and thinner necks and to me it makes no difference is playability.
It's not slander if true, and Ponos do have a thicker/chunkier neck... and it's not a bad thing, this is what the op wants.
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