CNC routing a mechanical process?

Pete Howlett

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Aug 20, 2008
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Wales, UK
If you hand draw your pieces to be cut by a machine, when you vectorise them you can retain the vibrancy of the original line variation in the art work. The precision for me comes in the 'fit' which I can achieve as a nice 'push fit'. Necessary because I use the dimensionally stable dalbergia family for my fretboard, headplate and bridge material.
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If you look closely I have preserved the natural variations in character of the same letters; also the height and proportions of the hand drawn signature. It's never the tool or the process that makes something soulless and mechanical, it's how you use it that counts and why the 'R" mark (I was recently granted the mark for The Revelator in the UK by the IPO) is mechanical and accurate to the T or R as it were because that is what the official mark should look like....

Now, since doing this initial prototype I have fiddled with the proportions and form of some of the letters a bit and trimmed, thickened and altered a few spans. However I think, despite this tweaking (I didn't care for the oversized 'o' and lower gas 'r' or the drunken 'a' ) I have still maintained that 'hand work' feel. Like all things, compromise is central to satisfactory outcome.
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