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Apr 1, 2014
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Southern California
It's comin' pretty sooooon! Nebraska is already talkin' about it for next month.

I'm ready and waitin' . . .
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I am looking forward to the season - but not the first game, as my beloved USC Trojans have to play Alabama.
So ready for college football. Hoping for a big year this year.
So! The Olympics is done. On to College Football. I wish the darned heat would go away. I hope we have a fall (our favorite season) and winter this year. :eek:ld:
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Yea!! It's here! College football at last, and USC's on tonight! I haven't seen who else is playing today. I'll have to check it out when I'm fully awake.

I usually only watch west coast teams, Notre Dame and Nebraska (sometimes Texas). And if I watch too much, I get cranky. :eek:ld:
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I'm ready!!
WVU is playing now...looking good so far.
Well, UCLA lost. It was such a bad game (most of it) that I started watching something else. But I came back at the end, and it was better, but they still lost. I think they need a new quarterback.

I'm not gonna watch them any more. I usually don't. I'm certainly not a fan. Notre Dame tomorrow? :eek:ld:
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Well, heck, we gave up on the USC game too. This was not a good opening day of the season for us, but there's still tomorrow's Notre Dame game I guess. Nebraska came through with a win, but we couldn't find the game on TV.

I hope this wasn't an indication of what the season's gonna be like. :eek:ld:
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I am looking forward to the season - but not the first game, as my beloved USC Trojans have to play Alabama.

Wow! What a slaughter! We quit watching during the third quarter. The UCLA game was mostly wretched too, but I don't like them anyway.

California didn't fair well, but Nebraska won big. Today is Notre Dame . . . :eek:ld:
WVU won over Missouri. The quarterback played the second half with sore ribs, so that makes it even more of a special win. I like WVU since they have so many players from the adjoining states, and always some local players to support, too.

They won 26-11, Down Up Dick
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Well, Notre Dame lost too, but it was a good game--double over time. The Horns Hooked 'Em.

The Football Opening Weekend was a bummer for us, but I guess we'll live. :eek:ld:
My father in law hasn't missed an Iowa home game in the past 50 years. Here is a piece the local tv station did on him at the season opener last weekend. [video][/video]. Eagle eyed viewers will see me in the background behind John when he is drinking a beer. At least if you know what I look like. Go Hawks!
Well, I just found the Nebraska/Wyoming game in time. I only missed half of the first quarter. My Saturday has now begun! My wife's quilting today. She's gonna miss the whole day--poor her.

Well, I had to drop Nebraska for USC/Utah. I'll have to keep up with Big Red too. --- I did, and they won big!

USC won too, but, after lunch, I fell asleep -Ha!- with a banjo on my knee! When you're old you miss a lot!

I woke up in time to watch the 2nd half of Notre Dame though. Maybe I'll can stay awake and pick banjo some more. Well, ND won too. All my teams won, and I played a lotta banjo. It was a good day.

But then after a good, old movie and dinner and another nap, we watched the Oregon Ducks' game. Lotsa football. :eek:ld:
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I can only take so much weather delay… Standing under cover waiting for the lightning to pass to finish beating Lamar.
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