College Football

Great game today! Oregon beat Ohio State, but both teams played really well.

USC vs. Stanford Tonight, if I can tear my wife away from the Dodgers.

Notre Dame won too, but we didn’t see it. Too bad about USC—Stanford won.
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We watched Notre Dame and USC yesterday. Though both teams started weakly and scared me, they both bucked up and were victorious. We watched Arizona and BYU too, but it was on too late for old people to watch so we went to bed. I dunno who won the Arizona game. I couldn’t find Oregon.
Again, both Notre Dame and Wisconsin started weakly, and we thought it was gonna be a crummy game even though ND was winning. But then, ND’s quarterback (#17) got hurt and was replaced, and the game turned out to be great one. I hope they keep #10 in there. Sorry and ashamed about forgetting their names. A bad memory is just one of the treats of old age.

Alas, USC lost this week — bummer.
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Well, Notre Dame lost. They just don’t seem to have it this year . . . that quarter back (#17) . . . However, even though my other picks USC and Arizona won, I can’t say I really enjoy football any more. I think Oregon got robbed. It was a wasted day.

There were soooo many penalties, and that targeting is a joke! Guys still got hurt, but football’s a rough sport — guys are gonna get hurt. Ruining the game is not the way to keep players safe from harm. Maybe football’s days are numbered.

I know I’ve said it before, a coupla times, but I’m gonna say it again. I’m not gonna waste any more Saturday’s watching football.
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