8-string Common Issues With 8 String Ukuleles

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Fretting was more challenging, especially for the octave pairs.
It takes twice as long to tune!😂
Intonation. To get the action low enough to prevent fatigue, you often lose some accuracy up the fretboard.
Thank goodness for electronic tuners.

Fingerstyle playing is more of a challenge.
My Bruce Wei 8 tenor has really crappy tuners... I'm going to replace them soon... The capstans extend too far and grind against the far side of the head slots on two of them. Annoying... they (used to) bind against the far side of the slot (until I carved it away a bit) but you would think that it would not have made it out of the workshop with a flaw like that... <sigh>

I've learned to pull one string at a time with my finger nail while tuning. I've also learned which strings go out of tune first - which saves time.

I don't really have any issues... after I finished with making the headstock slots wider... and grinding away a bit on the sharp edge of the headstock/neck radius transition.

This is the problem with buying from a foreign country: BWA would happily have fixed these issues and have told me so, but I must pay shipping both ways, which would have cost $160. Of the three BWA ukes I've bought all have had issues... which will cost me $160 x 3 to deal with. But the repairs have been promised to be handled for free... for $160 a pop.

It sort of makes the offer for free repairs a moot point, right?

BTW: I heard that "out of tune half the time" mandolin joke for the first time from Norman Blake, who used to play a couple of mando duet numbers with Nancy. They must have had some really special instruments because they sounded fabulous playing together! Not out of tune at all...IMG_1076.JPGIMG_1077.JPG
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