Comparison of Bb & C re-entrant tuning on a tenor uke


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Dec 30, 2010
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London, UK
Just recently, over in Uke Talk there have been a couple of very interesting threads on the subject of different tunings for tenor ukuleles (Changing tuning for a ukulele and Re-entrant Bb tuning on tenor uke). However, it seemed to me that what both these discussions lacked were any comparison videos.

So here's a comparison video: in which I strum one verse of Folsom using re-entrant Bb tuning; then repeat with a capo on the 2nd fret to mimic re-entrant C tuning; and finally one verse with the uke tuned up to re-entrant C.

I deliberately left in the part where I tune up from Bb to C to show how quick and easy it is to change tunings.

Dirk "southcoastukes" Wormhoudt's excellent exposition on the rationale for using different tunings on different sizes of uke was what got me experimenting with Bb tuning on the tenor, and I must admit I do like it. It's surprising how noticeably easier the action is, even tuned down just two frets from C; and to my ears the uke sounds much more resonant. I'd be interested in others' opinions though (on the tuning, not on the playing, obvs :eek: ).

I'm using my Kala Travel tenor, fitted with Worth BMs, for this experiment. Its unique design might not be the best suited to this comparison: not only does it have a very thin body; but its neck to heel length is shorter than most tenors. However, it's the only tenor I've got.

So, video responses would be particularly welcome. It would be interesting to see the comparison undertaken on a more conventional uke.

Finally, apologies in advance if this has in fact all been done before.
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*MUCH* better in Bb! :cool:
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