confessions of a post-ukulele player...where did sillydave go...


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Jul 24, 2010
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eureka springs, arkansas
well, yes, i used to play the ukulele. after playing for about 8 years...learning my chords, singing my silly heart times getting my camera shy wife to play and or sing with me, i thought i had finally found my hobby of all hobbies...but no. i had carpel tunnel surgery to deal with my numbness in my left wrist...then numbness went away...but then, arthritis set in...can't chord anything past 1st fret...not looking for any " oh whoa is me!" if you say anything like're banned!
i had a good run, had lots'o'fun! will keep on trying...but for now..i am a lurker..and will try to play at times ...until it's annoying...anyhow, for the seasonistas...just wanted to let y'all know where i went...might have some great deals on the 30+ ukes i to you all! thesillydave.
been missing you Mr Hager.
only can hope there's still some fun songs you can play up there at #1.
always you've been a joy brother, your music always will be.
take care mate and don't stop lurking.
hugs across the miles brother.
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That's a rough deal, TSD, but you seem to be taking it well. There are other instruments. If your wife plays uke, the harmonica or penny whistle make a good pairing. Or how about a kazoo? No - forget I said that!

All the very best to you. Life is good.

John Colter.
I so miss you around this place SD. Your fun style. Your terrific vids and music. Your HATS!
Maybe Mrs SD could take up the uke and you could be her singing sidekick.
I have a bad hip and am on the waiting list for surgery but at least I can still play uke and participate in this wonderful thing called the seasons.
Hope it hasn't affected your business and cooking? duties.
Have often thought of you and will continue to do so.
Keep lurking and letting us know how you are faring please.......
and love back atcha!
I am new here and will not send condolences as you banned it but I did pm you to learn more about your ukes
What a downer.

Like you I have CTS or rather its been treated and now playing my Ukes and Guitars is manageable.

Yep Arthrytis to, gnarled fingers makes some chords impossible.

I too may be going down ut nit without one hellofafight.

Best wishes for the future
You should do some comedy sketches sans ukulele, you have a real flair for it. I'd watch them!
Great to hear you are still in the land of the living. When someone as prolific as you just disappears, it is hard not to fear the worst. Hope to have your humour around in some shape or form, soon. Continue being silly! Because the serious ones have made a cock up of the world!
I has just looking at your Unknown Hinson video the other day
and had to check him out... a sort of vampire Elvis.

In that video it looked like you were wearing one of your favourite hats,
the one with what looks like a bullet hole in the crown.

Will we ever forget your monkey musicals and the wife's laughter,
behind that makeshift screen.

I still have my Sparky's T-Shirt and wear it with pride.
You can never keep a short order chef down... keep on cooking.

With affection

Thank you for dropping, by, Dave. We miss you. And the hats. And the fun. Stay silly, and keep lurking!
Dave, I understand hand stiffness. Each day becomes tougher, so I pull closer to the top frets, I make little shortcuts, and I still have a bunch of fun! Whatever you do, make sure that you grab all the joy you can. And please stick around. Wanna do some split-screen percussion for me sometime?
Keep lurking SD, keep wearing hats, and never say never.:)
Hello, Mr. Silly Dave! Although I think I joined the Seasons sometime after you were a regular participator, you and your hats have been an inspiration to me ... I try to be silly, but I'm not sure I can be as silly as you. Do hope you will be able to keep playing, if only up at the top of the neck!
So glad to hear what's been going on SD. I too have arthritis in my thumb joints and it has backed me way off of my playing along with other things. Keep a great attitude and take it slow. There is nothing wrong with the first fret and pacing yourself. Ive used exercise putty to try and stay limber (ask you PT or Doc).,aps,190&sr=8-3
You can find the exercises online.

I too have wondered what to do with all my lonely ukes. I could let some go too.

Dave, You have a gift for putting smiles on all our faces. You and Mrs. Silly's videos are all gems!

Miss you greatly! Mad love and huge hugs to all the Silly's.

Sorry to hear that, Linda, I did wonder where you had got to, though I haven't been around the Seasons too much myself lately, (other interests), missed your singing & playing. Hope you can 'manage' your pain OK, & maybe find a way to get back to your ukes, best wishes.
Good luck you guys. Arthur sucks! And I'm not referring to a person or pet.
One of the oldest board members of TBUS can't play due to gnarled fingers from A, but she is very active on the board. She's found a lot of satisfaction running volunteer operations for us for many years. Playing percussion is too painful.
I take turmeric every day (500mg) every day to try to ward it off. I think it helps, I don't hardly ever get the sharp stabbing pains now.
If that ever happens to me, I might take up the harmonica, if I can hold it well.
And if your ukes are gathering dust, why not let us take a crack at them on Marketplace??? Ukuleles love to be played!
It's good to hear from you Dave and I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. My wife has problems with arthritis so, though I don't have it myself I do see the problems it creates. In her case it's her knees which are badly swollen and painful.

I've always enjoyed your videos and loved your sense of humour which has enlivened the seasons during the time you've been active.

Stay active as far as I can.
I might take up the harmonica, if I can hold it well.

Go for it. It's a great instrument with it's own challenges. Most people seem to associate it with the blues but it's capable of so much more than that and is played by people with interests in many genres of music. I mostly play tremolo harmonicas for folk music (aka old timey across the pond, I believe - jigs and reels etc.) I play in a ceilidh band and really enjoy it.
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