confessions of a post-ukulele player...where did sillydave go...

Val and Keith and SD,

Ya, I do have the dreaded A. But, I can still play. Just not obsessively like I used to. Its more the "among other stuff" keeping me away at the moment. You will still hear from me occasionally when life gives me a moment.

Gee, I sure hope we see you back in some way Dave. Even if its seeing your name as a lurker. Miss you!
best of luck with the recovery. I can empathize because sometimes my neck causes numbness in my 4th and 5th fretting digits. maybe you can try an alternate tuning like BEV uses. Lately my time has been more used up by playing piano rather than the uke.
Carpal Tunnel? More like "Crap, Pal, Tunnel!"

SillyDave! The man nominated for two out of the three selections for funniest video in that the first year EOY extravaganza video... BOTH of his entries won!


What song would play (funny) this week if you could? For collab week, maybe that would count? ..
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