CONTEST: This song lends itself to fun instruments - and we'd love to hear your version of this song. You can cover the original. follow our lyrics or make up your own. A random person will be drawn and we'll send them something worth less than $2.00 but it'll be from us - coolio huh!!! Good Luck- get busy

Rules- NONE (well except it has to be some sort of cover of Gangstas Paradise)

Video Responses - So we know you've entered you'll need to post your entry as a Video Response to this video please.

Draw Date - We'll wait and see - we'll let you know when we're ready

Decision - Drawn at Random

Judges - Kenny and the Captains

The Judges Decision is final!

PRIZE - Mystery Prize valued at less than AU$2.00

Basic Chord Prog : Ab / F / G / Cm (we add Cm7 too)
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