Converting guitar tab to uke tab


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May 15, 2009
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Okay, so I finally got to the point where I was like, "no, really how do you convert guitar tab to uke tab?" And I know there are such things as powertab and guitar pro, but I suspect those programs are for folks who can already play their instrument. I just feel like I should be able to pick out the in-between bits at least as badly as I strum the chords.

So I found this (it's the bottom post for those who would click):

And I read it through and afterwards I realized I didn't catch any of it. And then I read it again and made some involuntary brain-hurting noises. Lonna had to come check on me. So I read it a third time and followed the instructions on how to map out the guitar neck and how to map out the uke neck and how to find the same tone on both instruments.

I tried the method out on a little 13 note riff in a song I'd like to learn and it seemed to work. Seems like a painstaking process for a whole song or involved passages, but I'm hopeful that it may serve for small bits here and there.

Anyway, the process of drawing that all out and literally connecting the dots was a real eye-opener for me. Just some basic music theory that seeped in - affected me on a personal level. I could feel doors opening.

had to share
Check this thread out... I also know JT has a tabbing website that might be able to do it as well..
Hey, thanks guys.

I knew there should be other, better ways. I was mostly tickled by my discovery that I could play a certain note in a few different places on the uke. I'd heard of such a thing, but to be able to map it out made the notion a little more concrete for me.

thanks for the help!