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Mar 22, 2008
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so i just picked up the dean markley transducer pickup, an let me tell you that thing is a beast. Question though, the sticky thing that holds the pickup on the uke; does that go between the pickup and the uke, or does it go up uke, pickup and the sticky stuff oer the pickup connect the two sides.

also, what do i do once the sticky stuff becomes unsticky?
I can't understand your english. LOL
... and how do you know it's a beast if you don't know where it goes?

Anyway, Dean Markley makes a ton of different transducer pickups.

Here are instructions.

By the way, if it's the Dean Markley Artist Transducer, you just stick it near the bridge. The adhesive should remain sticky unless you got it dirty. If it's dirty, clean it.
its the artist transducer, sorry i didnt say that. I just broke 20min in a 5k race, and when i came home the pickup was waiting for me.

I stuck it on, but i dont know if the way i stuck it on is correct, cause right now the sticky part is between the uke and the pickup. my question is does the sticky part supposed to stradle the pickup and stick to the uke on either side of the pickup.

make any more sense?
heres one i can type out in plain english,

once done with the playing, should i remove the sticky stuff from the pickup and store it some where (in plastic?) or do i leave the sticky stuff on the pickup and wrap the pick up in plastic.

oh and thanks for the quick replys.

edit: watched that vid, thanks a lot. it answered my first question, now i just need to know how to store the pickup correctly.
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ok cool, thanks a lot. if i have any questions about the pick up ill ask it here, but i should be good. thanks a lot beta for the quick responses.

again, sorry about the horrible explanations, i have a hard enough time explaining things in person lol.
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