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Mar 1, 2018
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Hey everyone!

I want to string my Kanilea and my DHO6 with fluorocarbon strings. I have about 50 gazillion yards of Seaguar blue label at different guages. I want both to be E-E, but could string the Kanilea A-A if necessary. (I’d really love E-E though.) I’ve researched the pants off of the subject in the forums, but I just need the final “push”. I want to do this (a “recipe” I found here in the forums as shared by Bytown instruments in Canada for a 20” scale):

E - 100b 1.04mm seaguar blue label
A - 90lb 0.91mm seaguar blue label
D - 80lb 0.81mm seaguar blue label
G - 60lb 0.74mm seaguar blue label
B - 50lb 0.66mm seaguar blue label
E - 40lb 0.57mm seaguar premier label

My Pono Baritone is strung with Seaguar Blue:
D 1.05mm 100lb
G 0.91mm 90lb
B 0.74mm 60lb
E 0.66mm 50lb

and it feels and sounds great - can anyone see any reason why I shouldn’t string the Kanilea (20 inch scale) and DHO6 (21 inch scale) with the Bytown formula as mentioned? Will the extra inch on the DHO6 change things that much?

Thanks for any input!
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