Disgruntled supporters after woeful performances

Orton Pearson

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Aug 15, 2018
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What have you heard or read from disgruntled supporters or managers / coaches after a terrible really inept defeat, a poor game or a poor performance, any sport?
An example occurred today on the Swindon Town Football Club Supporters Forum following a 0 - 4 home defeat.
This is part of a 'heated debate' on that forum :-
"Yes, he is entitled to his opinion and I am entitled to mine. My opinion is that he is a f*****g idiot".

This is one of my favourites from Liverpool manager Bill Shankly, after a poor draw :-
"We were bad, they were bad, neither side deserved a point".
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I have friends for whom Iowa State University football and basketball is their life. The value of their existence balances on whether the Cyclones win or lose a game. If the Cyclones win, they are superior human beings for being fans of a bunch of teen age kids who go out and play a game with a ball. If the Cyclones lose, they were victimized by the officials and are angry all week. It is interesting to observe.
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