Distortion from overtones with pickup


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Apr 24, 2009
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South Jersey
Have a Martin S1 with LR Baggs 5.0. When amplified it's making overtones enough to cause distortion.

Example; if fretting 0 0 1 2 an overtone is produced equivalent to 2nd string 4th fret. This distorts the overall sound terribly. Just an example. Does it in other areas of the fret board as well. It may do it acoustically but not noticeable. Can't get it to stop by EQ or gain. Does it with or without going through the LR Baggs Venue.

Have the exact pickup in a KoAloha soprano and can swap it out with the same rig and is clear as a bell.

Any thoughts? TIA

  • Martin S1 (brand new)
  • LR Baggs 5.0
  • Martin fluorocarbon strings (changed from polycarbons)
  • LR Baggs Venue DI
  • Fishman Loudbox Artist
  • new batteries in everything
"It may do it acoustically but not noticeable."

I'm of the view that this is likely the problem and you have to follow it up.
Pickups have a habit of amplifying sounds that aren't easily heard acoustically.
On another forum recently, a poster was complaining about a distortion he could only hear on laptop speakers which none of us could hear using headphones.
We all said that it was the laptop speakers at fault, yet he claimed that he eventually found and corrected the fault in the guitar.
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