Do any of you yodel?

I have given up trying to yodel, but I really like a lot of Jimmie Rodgers songs, so I'll just sorta play a yodel. Here's a bit of Watin' For A Train.

You don't really need a professional. I have actually heard that the best way to learn is to do a wolf howl from high to low. Make sure to go slowly with it so that you can hear when your voice begins to crack. When it cracks, that's the point when you jump from your Head voice to your chest voice. There is a certain point in your voice. Doing a wolf howl is actually a good way to find that. That's actually how I did it with Howard dog Howling wanting out of his cage.
Once you find that certain point in your voice or that certain key, stay in that area and just practice jumping from high to low jumping from your head voice to your chest voice. Your falsetto to your chest .
Great description and analysis. I read somewhere a good practice is imitating Scooby Doo whose voice requires jumping between head and chest. I may have to try it again. In my musical interest it fits with slap bass — something I like the sound of and wish I could do but may or may not use much.
We being Square dancers are able to experience good yodelers every now and then. They sing it with proper respect and finesse, and it sounds wonderful. Many examples:

Google "youtube square dance caller who yodels"
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Our often mis-pronounced instrument is a yodel. Yoo-ka-lay-lee, hoo !
I don't yodel, but my group does an open mic on Zoom every-so-often, so I got up the courage to do a song from the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" that has yodeling, just for the fun of it, "He's in the Jailhouse Now." Like I said, I don't yodel.

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