Do we have an app or quick link button for our phones?


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Apr 29, 2023
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Do we have an Ukulele Underground app button or quick link to put on our phones?

Thanks so much!

Bunny anybody in the uke community doing something for Hawaii bc of the fires?
I added the forums to my “favorites”, which creates a button. I think iOS gives you other option to create short cuts that might be more direct than tapping the browser then tapping the favorite button.

2 taps vs 1 tap doesn’t bother me, so I haven’t bothered to figure out any other way. is the official one. Edit: for iPad
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Most browsers will let you do a “add to homepage” or “create shortcut” that will let you put a site in your home screen. In safari for iOS, tap the square with the arrow on it (middle of the screen, bottom on my phone) then scroll down and tap “add to home”
Yeah no app, sorry; I think the other suggestions are the best right now.

There are a number of recent threads about the uke community doing stuff to support Maui. Check out this one for some ideas.
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