Do you use a music stand or something else?


Apr 29, 2023
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Do you use a music stand or something else to display your she music?

Yup, I have a very light folding stand made by "On Stage Stands". Thinking of getting a sturdier "Vekkia" stand.
Musician's Gear Perforated Tripod Orchestral Music Stand Black (Under $30, shipped)
These easily support "The Daily Ukulele" spiral-bound books.

Here's a fully-accessorized example:

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Thank you! I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing in buying one. 🙏
Thank you! I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing in buying one. 🙏
You definitely are doing the right thing. I am disappointed that it took me so many years to start using them. They make the whole experience so much more ergonomic. This is something I thought little of in my 20's.
I use a stand that I got on Amazon. It is strong enough to hold my play book, but light enough to easily move around, and it will fold up. I take it out on my porch all the time.

This is a necessary accessory. I use a foldable Hercules stand that fits into a big bag that also holds my folders and other gear, but is sturdy enough to be used outside on windy days.
I have the old school fold-up chrome Hamilton stand with a simple case., and a desktop version of the same Hamilton.

Tip: You can get a lot of countertop cookbook stands. Some have page hold-downs, some don't.
Peak plastic music stand.
I use a coffee table. If I go outside, I play from memory.
Our Peak is the stand I use the most. Have a Manhasset tabletop stand Model 5301 that gets a fair amount of use. We have a couple of other Manhasset floor stands in storage--very solid--not for travel. Have at least one foldable compact wire stand--gets the least use. Have a tablet stand as well but not currently using a table for music.
I'll throw this out there as an option. These were created for mountain dulcimer players (of which I'm one), but I find myself using it often for all my instruments, when using music. It keeps the music low, when practicing and I've used it preforming, because it keeps you visible to those watching. Like it or leave it, I love it. I do use various traditional stands too.
Another vote for the Peak plastic stand. It's verys sturdy, very adjustable, and not too heavy, but it is a rather bulky folded up compared to the old fashioned folding metal stands I had used for years (Hamilton 3 section with tilting tray). Also the old fashioned one is quicker to fold or setup, it's just that once it is set up, the metal one is less stable and not nearly as nice to use. iPad works fine on Peak, I would not be comfortable with it on metal stand.

Two other tips: 1) A hard case set on a table, desk or bed works as a music stand in a pinch. 2) Clip on LED music light with goose neck is a must have accessory for Peak stand given my aging eyesight.
I use a Manhasset 4-score because I wanted something durable. And being four pages wide I can easily fit all my stuff on it like scales, sheet music, Chord Wheel, and room left over for a Glencairn glass of whisky and some paper for notes.
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