Doctor My Eyes (Jackson Browne)

Great tune and nice cover!
Thanks, EDW! I really appreciate it! :)
Thanks, Bill! I'd like to try his "Take It Easy" (cowritten with Glenn Frey), but the Eagles are pretty stingy regarding copyright. :p
Loved it. Thanks, John. Your videos always being a smile to my face and get my head bobbing to the beat. :)

Thanks, Jan! I really appreciate it! Have a great week! :)
I love this one! And the mask makes you kinda LOOK like a doctor! :D

I'm also glad to see somebody else doing a shortened version of a cover. Not that I think YOU need to be making your videos shorter -- I love every note of YOUR performances -- but for my own playing, I'm increasingly finding that I'm ready to be done before the end of the song. Especially true for songs where there's a full band in the original, making a lot of noise that I can't replace on my own. Then I remembered the lessons from singing hymns at church as a boy -- sometimes you really only need the first and fourth verse of Amazing Grace to do the job. LOL

This is a song that I wouldn't have thought of trying on my own, but now I think I will! Thanks for another great video!
Thanks, Tim! I really appreciate it! Ironically, I thought about doing a slowed-down version of the song, but it sounded too depressing! Anyway, the main thing is to have fun doing songs, and it's not necessary to do every verse of a song. That said, someday I'd like to try to do a one-take no edit version of American Pie! :)
I love this one! And the mask makes you kinda LOOK like a doctor! :D!

Well, I don't know if you look like a doctor or not, but your videos are always 'medicine' to me and make me feel a LOT better when I hear them! (Groan...cheesy remark I know, but true! lol)
Seriously, your usual great job young John, and yet another great song I haven't heard for years - you sure can dig them out! Dave
Thanks, Dave! Funny, I thought about a career in medicine when I was young, but poor grades in my university biology class and lab made me rethink my career options!
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