Does the pro/tenor version of the Enya Nova have a removeable saddle that can be shaved if needed?


Jan 29, 2023
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Hi all, I have a bunch of Nova U sopranos which as expected are all exactly the same and setup just fine. I'm wondering about the Tenor version. I like my string height under 2.5mm at 12. Can anyone who has the tenor tell me what theirs came with?and if it has a removeable / shaveable saddle or one molded into the bridge like the soprano?
The nut is integral and molded into the neck. The bridge is integral and molded into the top of the body. The saddle is compensated composite material and removable.

IMHO, a big feature of the Enya Nova U Pro Tenor is the metal frets with semi-hemispherical ends on the radiused fretboard.

I've never been a fan of the sound of plastic, composite or carbon fiber ukes, but I enjoy playing the Enya and the sound is pretty good. Especially for it's price.
You can see the spec sheet from mine on my blog in the “UkeGuide” section. (free resources).

I believe the saddle is removable, unlike the new sopranos.

Except for the X1 Pineapple (HPL, soprano). Unlike the Mini U, it has a non-removable bone nut but the saddle (also bone) is removable. It also has metal frets (some kind of nickel alloy). The X1 HPL, the larger not-pineapple-shaped version, comes in Concert or Tenor and they are similarly outfitted.

I have one (pineapple). It sounds great. Plenty loud for me.
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