Don't Stop Believin' (Shimabukuro version) attempt


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Jan 14, 2008
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Twin Cities, MN
Here's a quick attempt on Jake Shimabukuro's version of "Don't Stop Believin'". There are several mess-ups in the video, but that's what I do. It's a very fun song to play. Hopefully I get better at it (that goes for most other songs I "play") and shoot a better video sometime. (yes, that's my dog complaining in the background...)

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Very cool playing! :)

Is that some kind of long-neck soprano? The body looks really small for the neck.


The uke is what Dave Means, the builder, calls a mezzo-soprano. It's sized between a soprano and a concert. The neck is joined at the 14th fret, so he made the scale longer to get the bridge at the right spot, so the scale is actually very close to the concert scale. It's basically a slightly larger bodied super-soprano.
This tune brings back some good memories. It'd be great to hear you play one of the tenors next time around. Great job, George!