Double NBD-Kala UBass & Gold Tone Fretless M Bass

Captain Simian

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Oct 31, 2012
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Last weekend I found a great deal on eBay for a Kala UBass so after consulting with my CFO I pulled the trigger and got it.

I've been out of town all week for work. Came back home today and CFO was running late to pick me up at the airport so I called a cab and went to Guitar Center and told the wife to pick me up there instead. That's where I found the GT. When the CFO walked in to find me I was still playing it. "No way" was her initial reaction. After listening to my horrible playing for 5 minutes she decided she liked it and said to get it.

When we got home the Kala was waiting for me. It's strung with the Kala rounds and the seller included the original strings plus a set of black Pahoehoe strings. I think I'm going to put the Road Toads on the fretless; I've already decided I'm not a fan of the Thunderguts although I'm tempted to try some Thundergut Reds.


My first bass was the GT 23" fretted. I went to pahoehoe very soon after, which I prefer, but not long ago I put a set of Thunder Reds on my custom acoustic fretless, did a one time application of powder and so far they're pretty good.
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