Double Neck

Seriously, I want one for those for low G and high G, Cletus. Can you make me one, please? I'll pay you for it. Cash money.
I never understood the allure of double necks.

For one thing, the weight of the extra neck will make it heavier and harder to hold/balance, and neither neck is in your ideal playing zone.

How hard is it to set one instrument down and pick up another, even if you're performing onstage?

I suspect the "cool factor" far outweighs any real practicalities.
Chuck Moore made a beautiful one. One neck was four strings, and the other was an eight string.
Manitoba Hal plays one.....too confusing for me.
Actually I could go for one of these ...a U bass on top or under a little spo......pos ...sop ....of course I'd probably have to wear a leash......on the uke I mean...although stop it ...:nana: