Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I just listened to this while getting ready for work and it has already brightened my day! Thanks so much! hm mm hm mm hm hmmmmm hmmmmm (i'm going to humming this all day) =)
In my next life I want to sing like Becca. Nice playing too. Relaxed tempo. I am listening as I type. I agree hm mm hm hm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Way too classy for this joint, take it to the dinner club circuit!
Wow that's just fantastic!! Becca's voice is perfect for that song sultry and phenomenal , I want to sing like her too in my next life..
Playing is beautiful! Great job all around! Hope to see more from the two of you.. Best hop over to you tube and sub.
First thing I watched this morning and it has already made my day.

I love this song and you guys did an excellent job.

My only criticism, is the headless uke playing. Music is a communication between the artist and the listener, and without seeing the person, it is just not the same.

Thank you for sharing
Beautiful vocals and great playing John...

I wouldn't say the uke playing was minimal...It was suited to the occasion and worked really well. Sometimes there is a great temptation to over elaborate, but knowing what works where using it is a great skill,

Very nice! You both sounded wonderful-we need more!