E chord alternative

Never got this e-chord trouble, It was one of the first things I read about the uke: that darn e-chord! I practised it for a day, and got it. I have much more trouble with the Bm-chord, which I use much more than the e-chord.
1402 and 4442 are just no good to me. My fingers simply don't stretch - hand too small. I've tried barring and partial barring for 4442 and while I can get the reach, I have great difficulty in getting a clean sound - it just gets muffled. All this on a soprano, so larger ukes would be even worse.

I find 4447 or 1x02 are the best bet and I can get a nice clean sound using those. I have rarely needed the E chord anyway, so have not felt it worth the investment in time to get it sorted so far. Odd times I have I can usually go for D-tuning where it is simple 2220 - same as a D chord in C-tuning.
Frankly, I just much prefer the sound of the 4447 E chord - and that makes sense when you think about it. The 4442 is BEG#B - two "thirds" and they're on the same pitch. The 4447 is BEG#E - and the two E's are the root and octave instead of being on the same pitch. Just sounds much better to my ear.

Curiously, I don't feel as strongly about the 2220 vs 2225 D chord - I think because there the A string is open on the 4440 so you get a bit more sustain. I'll use 2220 and 2225 pretty much interchangeably but almost always use the 4447 E unless it is going to really mess with the transition to some other chord.

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