Ear Training for Ukulele


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Sep 25, 2023
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Hey everyone! I'm super curious about how you all supercharge your ears (you know, like nailing relative pitch, crushing chord progressions, acing those sharps/flats, the whole shebang)! If you've got any jaw-dropping exercises or go-to resources, I'm all ears (pun intended)! Currently, I'm hooked on this rad web app for ear training called ToneScholar ( https://tonescholar.com ). It's pretty awesome, but it's not tailored specifically for ukulele. It's more of a vocal virtuoso's playground. I'm on a mission, folks! I want to level up my ear game while also shredding it on the ukulele. Time is a bit of a luxury, but I'm determined! Your epic suggestions will be the cherry on top of my musical adventure. Rock on! 🎸🤘 Thanks a million!
A couple of weeks back, I decided to try to develop the simple (?) skill of singing a 'G' note from memory. Several times a day I try to sing a 'G' out of thin air, then see how close I am.

At first my attempts were pretty scattered but now the range of my inaccuracy is becoming narrower. More often than not, I'm pretty close. I want to be able to tune a re-entrant soprano by ear with no other reference. I only ever play on my own so I don't need to be spot on: near enough will do, but I need to be consistent.

I'll keep trying for a few months. I am just interested to see if I can do it.

Good luck with your quest!
Thank you for starting this thread! I think more people might see it if you moved it out of "Guitar Help, Tips and Technique" (and into where, I'm not sure; but maybe a moderator would have a good suggestion).

ToneScholar looks very interesting--- thank you. I have used Ear Trainer on the iPhone in the past, but at some point got out of the habit of using it (not because of any problem with the app though). I also highly recommend W.A. Mathieu's books--- he has a very different approach to ear training and perceiving harmony in general, and a lot of it is built around singing with (or against) one or two guitar strings. Ukuleles don't work quite as well for his exercises, but maybe you have a guitar already anyway? or if not, you might still enjoy trying them with your ukulele.
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