Eastern MA / Southern NH - Ukulele Fusion Group


Apr 4, 2022
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Our group is looking to grow our ranks! We're looking for ukulele players in the region interested in more formal instrumental ukulele music. We play mostly 5-part music including melody, counter-melody, harmonies, and chords. Our music provides parts for re-entrant (soprano, concert, and tenor), low-G, and baritone ukuleles. We use standard music notation as well as tabs. We will sing and strum...but not a lot. I'm a relatively new member myself, and I'll strum songs I don't know very well until I get up to speed on the tabs.

We get together once a month to rehearse a predetermined list of 7-9 songs, and then again for the occasional performance. We're here for fun, education, making beautiful music, and promoting the ukulele in the instrumental genre.

Here's a link to our Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/ukulele-fusion/
I think I saw Ukulele Fusion play at one of the Snugfest events in Dover, NH. Not your typical chord strumming song group as I recall.
That was before my time, but yes, it's an atypical uke group. One of our founding members writes all the arrangements himself. There is some chord strumming, but the music is primarily arranged for fingerpicking/flatpicking.
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