Eddie Vedder Solo Album 'Ukulele Songs' Due In May Eddie Vedder Solo Album 'Ukulele S

I'm definitely looking forward to it!
I am really really stoked. I even started working on 'Can't Keep'.
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So pumped! Pissed his show is already sold out in july!

squid, i can put some feelers out over at the 10c and see if anyone has any extra for portland, or seattle, or both. let me know.

i was lucky enough to score a pair of 10c tix, and 2 regular sale tix, for boston. gonna take my folks for their anniversary. so pumped
Really excited about the record, cant believe after almost 10 years he is finally putting this out.

I'll be at both Chicago shows, should be great.
So, the first video has been released. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QsFUYl_WYo&feature=player_embedded

Can anyone tell me what he's playing here? This noob does not recognize it. Is it just custom inlay on the headstock? Also, I think it's odd how he seems to brandish it so. What do I know? I'm hopped up on cold medicine and have tissues wedged in my nose. Everything feels weird right now....
I found the cd in mp3 format for download today (may, 6) on search sites. I'll buy the cd when it comes. Its a very good ukulele cd! all the musics have great strumming rock/pop songs. Great vocals too!
That's beautiful. Thanks for answering. I spent some time on your site, and you do marvellous work.
(I would brandish the HELL out of one)
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