Electric Uke Build Questions


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May 18, 2024
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I'm a CBG builder getting ready to build an electric cigar box Ukelele. It is for a young lady with smaller fingers who likes to rock. Would you think a 1.5 inch neck from nut to box would be OK for her?
Also, this will be a tenor with a mag pickup. Any recommendations on strings to use?
That 1,5" is a very short neck 😁. But I guess you mean nut-width. That's a rather wide nut (38mm, metric here...) if your (her) hands are small. Maybe 36 would be better. And concert-scale in stead of a tenor.
Strings: I would say Risa's STRISAST-T. That's for a tenor with a low G.

Would love to see some of your builds!
so steel string tenor. 1.5" will be plenty wide. Some people prefer that for uke nut width with nylon strings. It will be wider than electric guitar of course. I'd see if you can get a read from her if normal guitar string spacing is comfortable. If so, I think your nut will end up narrower than that.

as for strings, that's going to be personal preference as well. But I'd start with GCEA tuning with the top 4 strings of a "normal" electric set. Probably try 10s first ("regular slinky") and you can go lighter or heavier if desired
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