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Mar 22, 2008
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ok...so i had the most embarrassing moment just now. its 11 o'clock at night. I was coming back from work, and i stopped over at my girlfriends house. I tried calling her while driving there, but no luck. Then my phone died, so how was i get her attention (i havent seen her in about a week) here are my options:

A) drive up the driveway and wake her parents up. (gravel driveway)

B) park down the hill walk up and knock...thus waking up parents

C) jump around in front of her window, throw small rocks at her window, be a complete fool till she answers

well guess which i decided to go with...yea...turns out her parents were not asleep, and her dad was actually in the drive way unpacking a car. he hides in his car untill i walk next to it and scares the living poop out of me. so yea he starts laughing and takes me inside to see my girlfriend. I was red in the face, i looked like a cherry =( luckily her parents weren't angry or anything =) it all orked out but...yea...

anyone else have horribly embarrassing moments?
O man tht made my night. i tthougth i was the only person that has ever happened to.
So this one time me and a big group of friends went to the fair. And there was this boy there that I thought was really cute who happened to be there. So after riding some rides we decide to go sit down under the tent with all the benches where everyone eats. For some reason everyone sat on one side of the table, so I decide to go sit on the edge of the other one.

The minute I sat down, the whole entire bench collapsed with me on top of it, in front of God and the whole world, all the poeple passing by, all the people under the tent, and especially in front of the guy I thought was cute.

To make matters worse, everyone else knew the bench was broken except me. Nobody told me, they all just let me sit on it.

Needless to say I'm no longer friends with them. :p
hahahaha, funny :D :D too bad if you one of those people that when you see somebody in the dark and they trying to scare you, u start swinging.

I think it was my ex..ex, 2 gf's ago... was walking to her house, was about 15/16 at the time, as i was walking to the door i didn't want to make a noise because parents wake up etc... her window was next to the porche at the front...
as i was trying to make no noise, knowing my luck, there happened to be wind chimes there... and i was walknig through them like 100000 times and i couldn't believe it lmfao

parents came running out, i was like the bf the parents didnt know about -.-
I'm recovering from my embarassing moment right now - went out last night and had a little too much to drink. Tripped over and knocked my ankle on the curb at one point but ignored it and continued to drink, dance, run for busses, etc while my ankle was hurting but used good old alcohol to get over that ... the embarassment came this morning when I had to explain to the lovely nurse at the hospital how much I'd walked on my ankle since breaking it. She had her head in her hands when I was explaining the 80s throwback dancing that was taking place when Hammer Time came on in the club. Now I have to call me new personal trainer (who already thinks I'm a lazy fat-ass) and explain that I'm not going to be going to the gym for quite some time. What a day.
you know how to fix a broken ankle...buy a new uke:rolleyes:

I was thinking the same thing. I was sitting here thinking of all the money I'm gonna save now I can't go out drinking because I'm on painkillers and how much time I'm gonna be spending sitting around my house and I thought "money + sitting around on my ass = new uke"

People are gonna think I broke it on purpose!
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