UU Podcast Entering the Flow State | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #105

Flow Songs VS Hype Songs, Ukulele Travel Tips & Mike “First Blood” Odo​

Today, the guys are joined by Mike INSERT NICKNAME HERE Odo to help explain what the “Flow State” is, and how musicians find themselves in that state. Before the guys dive into this topic, you know that they have to take a couple of detours talking about Disney+ and the Rock. Back on topic, the UU team discuss what the “Flow State” feels like, experiencing Flow in a band, and what songs can put them into that state. They also list songs that get them Hyped before performances. The guys answer some audience questions about Widening the groove in your nut, and Traveling with your Ukulele. It’s always a blast with Mike Around. Let us know what Mike’s new nickname should be?

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Questions asked this Week:
0:12 What is Mike’s name this week?
3:50 What do you think about the Rock?
5:10 Watching Soul and Disney+
8:30 What does being in “The Zone” feel like to you?
11:10 What does the Flow State feel like to Mike?
15:05 Is your Flow State affected by different music?
18:20 Playing with people you’re familiar with
20:00 Trusting Yourself
25:45 What is a song that gets you into the Zone?
27:45 What is Mike’s Flow Song?
29:45 Hype Songs
37:10 How do people get into the Zone
40:15 Getting into a Flow with other Musicians
41:35 Flow VS Autopilot
43:50 Experiencing other people’s Flow State
45:50 Should I widen the spacing on my nut?
53:30 Flying with an Ukulele
56:60 Using a hard case & Carry-ons
59:10 Slacking your strings
1:03:35 Do you use a Temperature/Humidity Gauge?
1:04:35 Homemade Humidifiers
1:07:40 Utah
1:10:10 Aldrine’s Notoriety & Hamura Saimin
1:14:00 Should I take out the Humidifier during travel?
1:15:35 How long does an instrument take to acclimate?
1:19:40 Upright Bass
1:23:20 Why no one listens to Bass Solos
1:25:25 Mike’s Rambo Story
1:28:20 Why Mike’s Podcast last long
1:29:15 New Fingerstyle Song Tomorrow
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