Enya EUP-X1 Pineapple OR EUX 1 Round- intonation issues?

Pineapple or Round?

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Jan 12, 2018
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Hi all,

I used to own the Enya EUP-X1 and sold it because I found the intonation was off from the 7th fret upwards. I tried adjusting the neck but it didn't make a difference.

Now I have seller's regret, and despite the issues I had with it, I'm now considering buying it again!

The equal contender for my Enya pursuit is the EUX-1.....

Enya players...what say you?

Thanks for your input!
Well my friend you are in luck, I owned the Enya X1 round body and a pineapple at the same time. The round body got sold the pineapple stayed. I also own a Enya X1 concert.The pineapple is louder, more resonant and has a better overall tone then even the concert.

The concert has a pickup in it which surprisingly sounds pretty decent so I kept it for that reason.

Buy the pineapple. Brenda "Solorule" had both the round body and pineapple.....she kept the pineapple. Are you seeing a trend here;)
DUD You sold frying pan? You never told me.
My pineapple is on the wall. Surprisingly it’s stayed in tune even I hardly ever played it.
I must add that the only reason I don’t play is because I have other high end ukes and I only have one pair of hand. It’s not because it is not good. In fact, I just recommended it to a friend who is buying her very first uke with a small
I never had an issue with the one I reviewed - was accurate right up the neck. However... intonation issues are not model specific as such, but more likely a result of a let down in QC / Setup of the particular model you had.

I once had a new Koaloha with terrible setup and a poorly cut nut throwing off intonation. It can happen.

My bigger issue with the X1 round was the total lack of volume. The bride is in the wrong place for it to be resonant.
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