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Poul Hansen

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Nov 14, 2019
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I was quite impressed by the sound on YouTube but really bought it out of curiosity as I for several years have had a Hora mandolin with solid top, in my car without problems but in reality it doesn't sound much better than expected from such a small body and composite material.

It's my first with a soundhole on top and that does make a difference, but not very big.

It was cheap, used but mint. ;-)


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I think the Enya Nova is very good for the price. The soprano version often sells for $30-$40 here in the US. The concert version is usually $60-$70 (in selected colors). The sound quality and quality control are as good as or better than any wood ukuleles that I have tried in the same price range. The sound quality is not superb, but it is good considering that these are some of the cheapest decent quality ukuleles on the market. Weather resistance is a bonus for me.
Yes the build quality is fantastic, nothing to criticise at all. This is a concert, used but mint at 50$ incl. shipping.
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