New Uke Day (NUD) Enya X1 Pineapple


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Mar 14, 2024
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Got these a couple of days ago. I'm playing the pineapple uke every day - the Nova Go guitar is waiting for me to toughen up on the pineapple first. LOL!

I have one of the Enya X1 pineapples. Put a set of UkeLogic High Tension Clears on it. So sweet sounding for a "formica" ukulele.
Couldn't get along with the tuners, put a set black Gotoh tuners with tulip shaped buttons on it..... Sublime.
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Congratulations I also have the very same ukulele. I am super impressed with the overall quality of the instrument for such a low price. You get a lot of bang for your buck with Enya
I got the pineapple for about $55 from Enya directly, a sale and then an internet discount. I am absolutely amazed at how good it sounds, and plenty of volume. It was still on sale, last I checked (last night).

I paid something like $148 for the Enya Nova Go guitar on Amazon. It'll be awhile before my poor tender fingertips are ready to be assaulted by those steel strings. I do a lot of work with my hands, plus I'm a potter, and my hands are pretty well callused. Fingertips, it turns out ... not so much. Not at all, really.
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So my son came over yesterday evening and while he was here, I showed off my new acquisitions. He's a bass player. I proudly showed him the 3 cords I have learned - C, F, and G.

"You're doin' it wrong" sez he as he takes the Uke and proceeds to show me a barre version of the G. He lays his forefinger across all 3 of the outside strings (2nd fret) and then presses down the 2nd string (3rd fret) with his middle finger.

Well I try that and I cannot do it. At all. I can't keep the 3 strings on the 2nd fret all down flat at the same time with my index finger, and I can't even manage to depress the 2nd string without also touching the first string on that 3rd fret.

Then I look up "Dream a Little Dream" because that is my grandson's favorite song that he asks me to sing to him, and it is FULL of these barre chords and/or 3 and 4 finger chords that I can't contort my hand to manage. And there is no "easy" chording no matter how I transpose it. Can't do it. Drat.

I was sort of feeling just an eensy bit proud of myself for a little while there. sigh
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