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Oct 21, 2020
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The tl;dr version is that I sent some feedback to Uke Logic regarding their strings and received a detailed reply and a free string.

For the long version, I've pasted the emails below:


I recently bought some Uke Logic strings and read this thread where several people said that Joel would appreciate feedback on them, so I thought I'd give my two pennies' worth. I'm not sure whether this email address is the best way to reach him, but I hope the message gets through anyway.

I bought two sets of soft tension strings - one set with a high G string that I've put on a soprano and this set that comes packaged with the Thomastik-Infeld CF30 as a low G string that I've put on a tenor. (Interestingly, I couldn't find this option on theukulelesite.com.) It seems the main difference compared to other fluorocarbons such as those by Worth and Living Water is that the C string is fatter while the A string is thinner, resulting in nearly uniform tension across the strings.

The high-G set has breathed new life into my cheap and previously very dull-sounding soprano, so thank you! Apart from sounding much clearer than the previous strings, the new strings are also incredibly well-balanced. I often find that C strings on sopranos sound a little boomy owing to the low tension that comes from the short scale length, a bit like an unwound low G string but to a lesser extent. However, there's none of that here, and the C string doesn't overpower the higher strings at all.

I'm really enjoying the Thomastik-Infeld CF30 on my tenor. It's far less boomy than the fluorocarbon low G string that I had on there before, and there's almost no squeaking. However, it is still noticeably louder than the Uke Logic C, E and A strings. In this case, the fact that the C string is perfectly balanced with the E and A strings actually feels like a disadvantage because it means that it's less well-balanced with the low G string. I feel that the thinner Living Water C string that was on there before had just a hint of boominess owing to the lower tension, which helped to stop the low G string from sounding too out of place.

I know you already offer a wide range of options with hard vs. soft, pink vs. clear etc., and I appreciate the fact that too many options might overwhelm customers and/or be inconvenient for you, but perhaps you might consider offering a variant of the low-G set with a thinner C string to give it more of an intermediate sound between the bright E and A strings and the more powerful low G string. Just an idea.

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Aloha Peter,

I'm sorry for such a late reply, I was out sick with Covid for a while and this is my first week back in the office.

Wow, thank you so much for not only the compliments but also sharing all of the details of your experience.

I'm very happy to hear you noticed the balance across all 4 strings, that was always something that bothered me about some other strings sets so I wanted to create a set that had balanced tension (as much as possible) across all 4 strings.

I do know what you mean though, when you run into some instruments where having the ability to customize or tweak the string set in order to better compliment the instrument is needed either for function or just to personal tase.

This was also my goal with the Uke Logic strings, to make that easy for customers to do. My concert is rather than making a pre-packaged version of every possible combination I try to release what I think the most popular and requested sets will be then leave it to the players to decide when or how they would like to adjust it.

It's easy for me to do with US customers since I have everything on hand and I could just mail you some of the thinner C strings for your tenor, but given that you are in Germany it might be easier if you were to contact Jens and Maria over at https://ukesupply.de/ and let them know you spoke with me. Ask them if they can give you one of the .028" (yellow tag) strings to try out and just give me a reminder the net time they place an order.

The next time I send them a delivery I'm going to give them a supply of single strings specifically for this reason, that way if you do want to modify a set they can assist you with that and its much cheaper and easier than trying to do it from the US :)

There is another alternative, Thomastik-Infeld also makes the CF27 which works great as a "C" string and would give you more of that 50/50 classical feel having two flatwound strings on the basses and two fluorocarbons for the trebles.

I believe https://ukesupply.de/ carries those as well but in the near future I'll also have those available as a set combination :)

A lot of new sets and alternative tuning sets will be launching this year so there should be even more options but until then I think you are taking the right approach. Find a set that 90% where you would like it to be and then adjust it until its a perfect fit, from there if you want to re-order more I'm sure we can come up with a system if you want to pre-order any specialty sets from https://ukesupply.de/ and they will include them on the work orders they send to me.

I hope this helps Peter, and I truly appreciate the support not only for me but for https://ukesupply.de/ also, Jens and Maria are good people and they will take great care of you, let them know I offered you the .028" string for free to try out and I'll credit them the cost on the next order :)

Mahalo Peter!
Joel Blechinger -
That's great customer service.

I never gave any feedback to them because I figure that you can't possibly please everyone. My problem seems to be with the A string on one of my concert ukuleles, so I bought some single Living Water A strings and replace the Uke Logic A string with those. (I got great customer service from Ken Middleton to get the single A strings.) OTOH, the Uke Logic A string is good on another concert ukulele that I have...so not only can you not please everyone, you can't please every ukulele, I guess. :)

Uke Logic strings are one of my favorite brands these days, and I'm glad to hear about the wonderful customer service.

I hope that Joel has fully recovered from his bout of COVID.
I've had a dozen-or-so conversations with Joel (verbal and email) over the last few years over set-ups and more recently his Uke Logics. Never a complaint, but mostly questions or asking for suggestions to resolve some sniggling (sp) matter on which I was clueless! He has always been helpful, descriptive, friendly and a true fount of information.

Thank you for sharing his detailed reply to your question and issue. Others on this forum will benefit seeing and 'hearing' about his over expectation customer service (and good natured personality).

Uke Logics are now my 'first stop' when I'm thinking about string changes.
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Thanks for sharing. I am impressed by Joel's reply and actions, but also by your awareness and knowledge!

Joel is wonderful to deal with. He has been my go-to guy at HMS. Last year he advised and did the "perfect" setup on my KoAloha concert. He actually restrung it with his Uke Logic strings for free.

This is a counterpoint thread to a few that point out how unhappy some members are with some vendors. Dealing with the "good guys" in the business increases the joy that surrounds ukulele playing!
Always have enjoyed communication with Joel on Uke Logics. Love those strings.