Favorite drink to sip on while jamming out?


May 3, 2021
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Ok MILDLY Ukulele related... But what are your favorite drinks to chill and jam with? Since it's fall, I've opted for the Elysian Pumpkin-themed beers. Whole box at Costco!
Tea. My old voice was ragged out a couple decades ago. Tea with honey helps me still fake it.
Dr. Pepper
It used to be Wernesgrüner, Hasseröder, or Paulaner Weissbrau if I'm feeling froggy...but now it's usually PBR or Schlitz if I can find it. I don't really sip drinks though.
French wines, between 10 and 20 dollars, thanks Costco; unless someone else brings wine , then price is not a problem!
Wow, alcohol at Costco. Not here! Loving the sound of the pumpkin beer, I shall have to look for some.

I am so boring. I usually just have water while I'm playing my uke. Maybe I'll have to up my game. I like Kraken...
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